30 March 2009

Roundup of Late Night Shows' Funnies

Photo by chucklin @ flickr

Obama's New Slogan

The Tonight Show

Leno: President Obama's so upset that he changed his slogan from "Yes we can" to "Oh, no you don't."

The Late Show

Letterman: They're giving bonuses to executives, the same people who wrecked the company. They're getting bonuses for doing a horrible job. Well, hell, I ought to get one of those.

Real Time

Maher: Wall Street says the 90 percent tax has finally broken them up, they get it, they realize that what they have to do in the future is give out much bigger bonuses.

The Daily Show

[Obama on camera, coughing and very calm]: "Excuse me, I'm choking with ang…er anger here." Stewart [puzzled]: That is you when you are mad?

Jimmy Kimmel

Kimmel: What I really admire about Obama is he doesn't just guess who he thinks will win, but he does something about it. [Video of player on court with announcer]: It looks like the game might be over for Butler Johnson here, with a nice shooting stroke counting on both of the free throws going in-- [Obama figure comes onto court , blocks and waves finger] -- out of nowhere, Barack Obama blocks a shot!

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