24 March 2009

Twitter and Poetry

From Denny: Now I'm remembering why I quit trying to post in real time... the internet is clogged and have been waiting 30 minutes just to post this little note!

I try to make sure at least one post is up per day by scheduling it in the middle of the night when things are quieter on the internet. That doesn't always work as when I wake up to check if things posted correctly I still have to manually publish some posts on various blogs that didn't go up like they were supposed to. It's more fun to post in real time!

Anyway, on to Twitter. Still learning my way around there as it's like walking into a Marti Gras crowd at the height of the season! :)

I learn a lot every time I log on over there. What makes it easier to keep from getting overwhelmed is to get the free software TweetDeck that is still in beta (a work in progress, creating improvements). If you don't have it; get it as it's free too! You can tweet from your own computer without logging on to the Twitter page, saving time and frustration. Simple and very user friendly.

Also, learned a new tidbit for navigating around there: Go to the Twitter search area and type in the hash mark, #haiku, and up pops all the tweets about or done in haiku poetry! What fun! Give it a try!
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