04 March 2009

Freelance Writing for a Living

Freelance Writing for a Living: "I am going to put forward nine questions that you need to ask yourself and, like the elimination stage of a reality talent show, intend to get rid of 10% of you at every stage.

The ones who are honest with themselves have the attributes and drive to make it, and the next few Hubs will be a little more enlightening. I am also talking about freelance writing for a living – some of you may want to write a book, for example, so go for it."

By Sufidreamer
Photo by jillallyn @ flickr

From Denny: Here's an honest reality check - or slap of cold water in your face - if you decide you think you can be a free lance writer. Tough words about a tough profession from a writer. It does help you sort out where you are in your thoughts. It also helps you realize where you are in the process of writing if you think it is a pleasant hobby or something you could turn into a money-making profession. Like any profession there is always a dark side to it and here he begins the telling.
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