28 March 2009

Video: WordAhead.com Review

Above are examples of the humorous vocabulary-building word cell videos from WordAhead.com

From Denny: Can I tell you this is a free fun video site? Who knew studying for your SAT or ACT, learning a second language or just refreshing your vocabulary could make you laugh and learn at the same time!

This site is also beneficial for anyone who has suffered short-term memory loss such as from long-term stress, a car accident, sports concussion or gradual aging just to name a few. Rehab centers might want to include this site on their link list. This site offers an easier method for re-learning vocabulary than the limitations of memorization.

This little site is just pure delight and keeps you engaged. More importantly, the video word cells, each a contained story in itself, keep you entertained while you are benefiting from a whole-brained teaching approach.

Are you someone who learns best by auditory learning? No problem. Are you someone who learns best by conceptual and visual images? No problem. Are you someone who learns best by the security of organized structure? No problem. And, lastly, are you a person who learns best by an emotional visual story? Again, no problem. Each word cell contains all four brain styles of learning!

The creators of this site are constantly adding new words to the list. They also would like to enlist your help and suggestions of how to improve the navigation of the site. Especially if you are a teacher, are there any study helps which would prove valuable you think they should include? Please take a little time to visit WordAhead.com and feel free to offer up your ideas! They are user-friendly and very glad to hear from you!

BTW, I’m not affiliated with or paid by WordAhead.com. Occasionally, someone contacts me and asks me to review their site. This site happened to be a good complement to The Social Poets, so I was happy to oblige. Besides, when you enjoy playing over at someone else’s site the least you can do is tell the world how much fun you had at their place! :)

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