07 March 2009

Ghostwriting Exposed - The Top 50 Ghostwritten Books

The Secret World of Ghostwriters: And How to Work With One by Julie-Ann Amos - available in The Social Poets store!

Ghostwriting Exposed - The Top 50 Ghostwritten Books: "The traditional misconception of ghost writing is probably the image of the starving young writer with stars in their eyes, hoping to learn something about the craft and get published, by any means necessary, while the client is seen as a real Ebenezer Scrooge type, taking advantage of the hopeful young scribe and then slapping his own name on the book once it’s finished. As a ghostwriter, I know this simply isn't true."

By Julie-Ann Amos

From Denny: From a writer who runs an international writing agency out of the UK and is a ghostwriter herself. Interesting list that most of us have read or know of these books! I've also listed her interesting book in The Social Poets store for purchase.
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