25 March 2011

Japan: Probable Breach, Time to Kill The Reactors, Cartoons

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From Denny: As engineers scramble to discover the details of what is happening inside the most dangerous reactor, number three, the one containing plutonium, the politicians scramble their message and the truth of information.

This week the Japanese decided to change the standard of what the plant workers are exposed to when they discovered it was 250 times the acknowledged international standard. Leave it to the dogma crowd to downplay the severity of this situation by declaring "new standards" of radiation levels so that the plant workers are only exposed to 2.5 times their new standard.

Just what do the Japanese hope to achieve here? Is the Big Business owner positioning itself for later lawsuits? Sure looks like it. How depraved of an indifference to the sanctity and respect for human life in the pursuit of money.

At present, about 160,000 have evacuated the nation, most of them are Japanese. Those folks may be called The Remnants in the future. In fact, they may end up the only future for the Japanese culture down the road if the world does not strong arm Japan to kill these reactors now.

Radiation levels are said to be now at an alarming 10,000 times the norm just in this one reactor. Uh, people, how accurate are these figures when Japan has repeatedly lied about them? When two of the workers stepped into that caustic radioactive water it literally burned right through their boots and seared their skin like they were human barbecue, sending them to the hospital.

Radiation is found now in the drinking water and the sea water at alarming levels.  Mollifying the public with lies about how the levels have gone down is deceptive at best and killing people slowly at worst.  This is so wrong.

And does it really matter what are the radiation levels or what the cause is or what may be wrong? For two weeks the world has been sitting on the edge of our seats worrying about the nightmare scenario for this country. It's time to kill all those reactors and screw the Big Business investments and profits. Which is more important: the health and future of a people or the Big Business profit?

MOX Plutonium from this reactor three is two million times more deadly than normal enriched uranium. What's the half-life of plutonium-239 in MOX? Try 24,000 years. But it's only a little smoke cloud here and there the reactor has released say the "experts." What harm can that do? It can contaminate the soil for tens of thousands of years.

It's time to make a choice. Time is running out on this reactor and the others in the complex. This is like a slow burn volcano about to blow. Why are people so slow to take this situation more seriously? I've had a bad vibe about this nuclear situation since it started.  As the days wear on that nagging bad feeling is growing stronger and the alarm bells in my head are clanging louder. Evacuate. Evacuate. Evacuate off the island we once knew as Japan.

Update - 26 March 2011: Now officials are admitting the radiation levels at the reactors is not 10,000 times the safety level but now 10,000,000 times the standard. The sea water they claimed was only 100 times the safety level is now clocked at 10,000 times the safety standard.

The past two weeks I've spent a lot of time praying for the people caught up in this nuclear mess in Japan.  Pray with me that more will decide to leave the country and quickly.  The situation is far more serious than officials wish to tell.  Millions of people will die soon from this plutonium nuclear explosion. The rush is on to evacuate a few hundred thousand if we can.  Already two weeks of time have been squandered for evacuation. If you know anyone in Japan, call, email them to get out and get out now.  If you know charities, call them to start accepting refugees throughout the world.  This country is in serious peril.

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Oil energy - well, an oil spill beats a nuclear accident in this high stakes poker game:

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