17 March 2011

Japan: Thousands Flee From Terror of Deteriorating Nuclear Situation

From top left: Shinjuku, Tokyo Tower, Rainbow ...From top left: Shinjuku, Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge, Shibuya, National Diet Building Image via Wikipedia

From Denny:  As many countries increasingly do not trust what the Japanese government is telling them, a number began ordering their citizens out of the country. At the very least they are advising people to move far south of the nuclear plant site in trouble.

Just yesterday France accused Japan of lying about the true situation at two of the reactors. They are spitting mad because the French take nuclear energy seriously and their responsibility to their citizens and the world too.  I'm quite proud of my French cousins for speaking up and speaking out so forcefully.

Japanese culture is known for its grace, order, quiet and most of all a refusal to give out bad news. Unfortunately, this is not the time for soft pedaling hard truths to their people or neighbors like Russia. Right now Russia is in fear of the radiation clouds coming their way if this nuclear disaster increases to exponential proportions.

Which countries have instructed their citizens to either evacuate Japan or move far south?

* Australia
* Britain
* Czech Republic
* Philippines
* Germany
* France
* India
* United States

France sent in Air France flights to assist their citizens who wish to evacuate as they are taking no chances for loss of life or serious illness. The French Cirque du Soleil was performing at Toyko's Disneyland and the Fuji Dome but has now moved the troop to Macau.

Germany moved 4,000 either evacuated or moved south. Germany also moved their embassy from Tokyo down to Osaka. About 1,000 Germans remain.

United States: President Obama and Sec. Clinton are advising voluntary evacuation for all government personnel and citizens or to move far south.

Serbia and Croatia also evacuated citizens and moved their embassies from Tokyo to Osaka too.

China moved their citizens to the far south.

India evacuated 185 employees of L & T InfoTech.

Which country says it's safe to stay in Japan?  Try Canada.  I don't know what those government officials are smoking but they are telling the 11,000 Canadians living in Japan that it's no big deal to remain near the danger zone and no need to evacuate. And they are also claiming it's just fine for Canadians who want to travel to Japan to do so.  What drugs are these guys taking?

What's wrong with staying in Tokyo? Try there are 39 million people living in or near Tokyo. It would be a nightmare to evacuate the entire city, especially since the authorities did not begin on day one like a prudent person would have done.

Tokyo is also only 140 miles away from the nuclear disaster area and that is just too close for comfort for many people.

At the moment 600 Americans were found trapped up above the nuclear disaster site. They are being brought down in 14 buses. Yes, they have to travel within the 50 miles radius of the dangerous nuclear site to get to the south for safety. Keep them in your prayers.

The problem of moving far south is that now that will put tremendous pressure on resources in those areas. I well remember what it was like when Hurricane Katrina hit and half of New Orleans moved into Baton Rouge, my town, literally overnight. They took over the roads, clogging them. They raided the gas stations and the grocery stores, emptying them. There was literally nothing left after 500,000 desperate needy people raided our resources. Fortunately, we were able to supply our town within a couple of weeks as suppliers were able to get to us from other regions of the country. Can you imagine the logistical nightmare that must be happening in Japan, and Tokyo in particular, trying to supply 39 million people?

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