08 March 2011

Wisconsin Poll: Gov. Walker Gets Thumbs Down From Voters

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From Denny:  Talk about bad. Gov. Walker does not fare well in the very Republican-leaning Rasmussen polling. So, you know that polling is really about five to seven points worse than these guys want to tell you since they spin it in favor of Republicans.

Clearly, the Wisconsin protests have taken their toll politically on this governor.  People are furious nationwide and protesting in support of the teachers in Wisconsin. It's just plain un-American to take away a worker's right to negotiate about his wages.  It's un-American to take away Free Speech.

Oh, did I mention how Gov. Walker has stopped payment of the paychecks to Democrats who fled the state?  Seems like those politicians have a lawsuit against him. Walker is still paying the Republicans.  What's wrong with that picture?  It doesn't take much imagination to see what he will do if he succeeds in denying collective bargaining rights to the teachers.

Recall petitions are finally circulating.  Some claim they have up to 50 percent of the signatures necessary to recall the Republican lawmakers.  Gov. Walker is safe from recall until his first year in office is finished.  Guarantee it he will be tossed out when the time comes.  He has left a bad taste in the mouth of the Wisconsin voter.

From Rasmussen Reports on 2 March 2011, conducting a survey of 800 voters in Wisconsin:

How do Wisconsin voters in general view Walker's job performance?

He won last November with a 52 percent of the vote.
That approval has dropped like a rock down to 34 percent approval.

When you get into the somewhat approve or somewhat disapprove his numbers are a bit better:

57 percent disapprove
43 percent approve

How does Walker do with private sector unionized voters?

46 percent approve

How does Walker fare with public sector unionized voters?

Not so good here at all. His job approval drops significantly.
19 percent approval

How does Walker do with voters who have children in the public school system?

32 percent approve
67 percent approve, of which 57 percent strongly disapprove

How do Wisconsin voters rate Gov. Walker's job approval by political party?

56 percent Independents (or no party affiliation) disapprove
89 percent Democrats disapprove
73 percent Republicans approve

How do Wisconsin voters rate teachers?

77 percent approve

How do Wisconsin voters rate teacher's unions?

50 percent approve

How does President Obama fare in Wisconsin?

Right now about 55 percent of voters approve of him. If the 2012 election were held today, Obama would take the electoral college votes. Which might explain the calculated reason Obama is doing nothing. Why rock the boat when you think you are ahead?

What concerns me more is how Team Obama called off the DNC when they were organizing to go support the unions in Wisconsin.  Since when is the national Democratic Party supposed to quit supporting the middle class?

Answer: the goal of Team Obama is to raise $1 billion for his 2012 reelection campaign.  That's obscene.  That means only one thing: Obama is bought and sold to Big Business.  He doesn't want to offend any Big Money contributors.  It's political suicide.  You can kiss goodbye the legacy of the first African-American presidency as anything remembered fondly - or with pride.

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