03 November 2010

25 Funny Signs: Rally To Restore Sanity And Or Fear

Check out some good political humor from the funny activists who attended the rally.

From Denny:  What started as just a funny segment on The Daily Show grew into an actual rally that drew over 214,000 people. Glenn Beck's Fox News conservative August rally where he tried to compare himself to Jesus Christ and Martin Luther King only drew 85,000. The good news? Strong minds outnumber weak minds at political rallies in America. Well, that's one to celebrate.

There are a gazillion photos circulating the web from this funny rally that comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert put together on the fly when they realized people really did want to attend an actual rally in Washington.

The rally drew moderates who are fed up with the lack of civil discourse in politics. A lot of the generation attended that remembers when people were not so caustic about their politics. For the past 30 years since the Republicans stormed Washington they have gone busily about the business of cheating national elections (and probably this one as well, catching the Democrats sleeping yet again).

Get a grin at some of these signs that will definitely make you laugh in agreement. Most of the photos came from About.com and Daniel Kurtzman, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed and most all of those sites scarfed them off of Creative Commmons at Flickr.

Tired of stupid:

A referendum on the new House Speaker who is the puppet of Big Insurance and other Wall Street "anonymous" donors who are expecting big results for the millions of dollars they poured into Republican campaigns:

Comedian activists who haven't lost their sense of humor in this mean political season:

Someone without conservative politics dementia - and twice the age of most Tea Party wingnuts:

Yet another "shot across the bow" at judgmental unrealistic Tea Party activists (yes, bad pun intended.)

Remember that foot stomping of a liberal from the conservative Tea Party?

From the plain spoken corner:

And from the girls corner:

In case you can't read this sign: My Comedy Channel - Fox News
My News Channel - Comedy Central

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