04 November 2010

Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss Talks About Midterm Shellacking

Check out the interesting stories from history of how other Presidents responded when handed their heads by the voters in a midterm election.

From Denny:  The now infamous positive and inspiring Obama slogan of "Yes, We Can!" from campaign 2008 has eroded into a sloppy "Maybe We Can't" after two years of failed governing.

Jon Stewart had an interesting guy on his show for this election week. Presidential historian Michael Beschloss talked about the Midterm Shellacking Experience received by many presidents. He told the tale of President Harry Truman when he got his clock cleaned after his first two years in office. After all, the Republicans were working overtime to reverse FDR's New Deal and huge heroic image with the public by attacking Truman, FDR's former VP.

Harry Truman refused to listen to the radio returns of the election. Instead, on the train ride home he played poker all night. When he got back to the White House he made a firm decision right then and there things were going to change - and change big. Come Hell or High Water he was going to be his own man and do all the right things he knew needed doing in the country. In Truman's mind, to hell with getting re-elected. Turns out it was a great decision. Listen to other tales from Beschloss.

Tuesday November 2, 2010 - this was taped late on the night of the election and all the returns were not yet in.

Michael Beschloss believes the midterm election results will give Obama the opportunity to deal with Republicans in Congress.

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The World Weighs in on the 2010 Midterm Elections

*** And the reason Obama lost the entire Gulf Coast in this midterm election is because of his siding with BP both during the oil crisis, the too long oil moratorium that caused home foreclosures because of greatly reduced income and the BP Claim Fund mess. Badly bungled all around was this environmental disaster and the aftermath. This White House spent more time courting Big Oil donations for 2012 rather than governing and helping the people:

Three Laws that Caused Obama Midterm Problems

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