28 November 2010

North Korea Throws Dangerous Temper Tantrum: Why?

North Korea bombs its neighbor to get the attention of a weary, and increasingly indifferent, world.

Heir to North Korea Kim Jong un - AP photo

From Denny:  This week North Korea shelled a small island, Yeonpyeong Island, off South Korea for three hours.  After the relentless and merciless shelling, the islanders evacuated.  This weekend, North Korea shelled the island yet again - only this time there were no people left to harm.

Normally, South Korea takes the temper tantrums of "the crazy uncle from the North" in stride, not reacting. But there is a game changer these days, a new sheriff in town: the crazy out-of-control son has taken over the helm of the crazy uncle.

The heir to the Starvation Throne, Kim Jong un, is also now a four-star general since his father installed him a year ago. He oversees a million man army. He also has his itchy fingers on the buttons of an arsenal that is the most concentrated into one small geographical area on the planet.

Since 1953, when the peace accord was signed to end the Korean War on that peninsula, America has had 38,000 troops on the border between divided North and South Korea. We currently have about 30,000 troops there. North Korea has starved under a Communist regime and built up a huge arsenal, developed nuclear weapons and has sold nuclear material to other crazy rogue states like Iran.

South Korea, during the almost 60 years of peace, has made better use of their resources and time. They are a thriving democracy and healthy world economy, selling Kia and Hyundai cars around the world. They also have now finally built up a million man army. South Korea has grown weary of American troops rumbling our tanks through their villages for generations. They want us out of South Korea as they now believe they can handle the crazy uncle to the North on their own. They are right. Let them handle the crazy uncle and the crazy son.

Communist China has a stake in all this. They possess a three million man army they built up - thanks to trade with America. Yes, they used their profits to build weapons and a military to both protect China and advance on neighboring countries. Sounds like a world power to me. Why should America be surprised they used our consumerism greed money to do it?

China has a vested interest in North and South Korea not unifying back into one country. After all, with the fall of traditional communism in the old Russia, who is left to carry the banner forward but China, Cuba and North Korea? Both North Korea and Cuba are faltering on that front. Dictatorships are dependent upon their charismatic leaders. Once the leader dies, so does that vision of the country and the system in place deteriorates - later to resurrect as something else by someone else.

Right now South Korea is making all the appropriate noises of anger and posturing. They also look like they will do little to nothing though they have the capacity. Over the decades they have become co-dependent upon America for direction and protection. For some reason, President Obama thought he should revert to a 60 year old mindset and send over some gunboat diplomacy. Like one American warship will scare a young nuclear power? Come on.

What is going on with North Korea? Several things. They are still starving. Anyone see the news clips in the past few months of a North Korean army marching in the square? The soldiers marched forcefully and proudly. They problem was that to any casual observer their uniforms were practically hanging off them like an emaciated runway model. Usually, in regimes like this, it's the military who are well fed. If the military looks to be starving we can only imagine the horrors going on in the cities and the countryside.

North Korea's young son, Kim Jong un, now a four-star general, is testing his power to bring the world to his doorstep to negotiate. North Korea has always done dangerous temper tantrums - or threats to do so - to get the world to give them free food and wads of cash to keep their regime afloat. This time, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said a definite no to their temper tantrum of late - no more freebies.

One main reason for the bombing of those hapless islanders is to create more unity among North Koreans by increasing North-South tensions.  It's a considered opinion among think tanks that to do so will help promote the new heir as a strong military leader, therefore inspiring loyalty to him.  The strategy is considered useful to pave the way for North Koreans to accept the new - inexperienced and untested - heir to power, Kim Jung un.

One of the most immediate needs as North Korea sees it is to pressure America and other countries back to the negotiating table, those six-party talks. Those talks have been stalled since April 2009 when it was North Korea that threw another of their famous temper tantrums and walked away from the negotiating table.  They were in a snit when there was world condemnation for the test-firing of their rocket.

Right now the reason for the current temper tantrum is that North Korea wants assurances that America won't attack. They desire a permanent security guarantee of safety. So, they go around attacking their vulnerable easy-prey neighbors in order to make the world feel it's a good idea to give them a security guarantee? Talk about warped thinking. They want others to honor their word yet North Korea breaks their word constantly. It's time for the world to quit taking these Bozos seriously.

And, it's about time America quit placating these destructive fools. It's also past due time we withdraw American troops from the Korean peninsula. Let China handle the temper tantrums in their back yard. Let South Korea negotiate with North Korea. It's time for America to withdraw and quit playing the world's policeman with deep pockets. The American people are weary of financing these dictatorships and their stupid games.

As it is, it's smarter to wait them out with sanctions. They can't starve forever. Sooner or later there will be a coup to take over the country. As it is, when the crazy uncle to the North dies there will be a military coup to kill the sons - especially the young and inexperienced novice: Kim Jong un, who is only 27 years old. The question then is whether South Korea will grow the courage to advance and reunify the North.  "If you will feed them, they will come."

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