13 October 2010

1 Billion Worldwide Watch 33 Chilean Miners Rescued From Abyss

Check out the jubilant celebrations as the miners are rescued today.

From Denny:  Talk about an ordeal, a spiritual experience, for the miners, for the millions following and praying about their story. It's been two months since these 33 miners in Chile were found to be alive and Herculean rescue efforts began in earnest.  Since last night and all day today more people have watched the live coverage of this never before attempted rescue from so deep underground in a collapsed mine than any other news story ever.

Everyone is fascinated by these miners, mostly by their incredible - and uncanny - positive attitudes through it all. In the early days the leader of the group was faced with doling out only two days of rations to 33 men - and it had to last 17 days. It was then they got a message up above and the world discovered they still lived.

Mario Sepulveda, the second miner to be rescued, practically jumped out of the cage and started leading cheers to everyone in the camp, thanking all for all their hard work to rescue his fellow miners. It was as if he was trying to lift up the spirits of others who were held captive, not him. Definitely, he must be the Saint Peter of the group. He brought up souveneir rocks from the mine to hand out to his rescuers and they all had a good laugh.

Upon greeting the crowd, Mario proclaimed, "Down there I saw God and I met the Devil. And God won!" This man may be Chile's next evangelist judging by the strength of his conviction and his passion.

An amazing story this is and it will never be forgotten. It is a story of human will and spiritual courage in the face of certain death. Hope did not give into despair. Everyone involved started thinking outside of the box to meet all the needs of the miners. Psychologists were brought in to consult in the early days to keep the men mentally healthy. NASA was consulted about how to deal with such an unusual situation like astronauts experience: prolonged physical and mental isolation from a familiar environment, dealing with the possible side effects of remaining underground for such a long time, how to handle the logistics of getting them supplies.

An American group out of Pennsylvania sent the now familiar cage and drilling rig. It was supposed to be a backup plan but ended up as the main show. Canadians, Americans, Australians, British, South Africans and more worked along side the Chileans to rescue the miners. This was one of those times when everyone involved, and those who chose to get involved, forgot what nationality they were and remembered we are one humanity. These were the best of times on display for the whole world to see: humanity at its best in compassion, industriousness, strong will of determination - and pure heart.  What a great day for Chile - and for us all!

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