18 February 2009

CHANGE YOUR BELIEFS - A Self-Improvement Basic

CHANGE YOUR BELIEFS - A Self-Improvement Basic: "Many years ago, I worked for a boss who was abusive to his employees, and to the company's suppliers, and was, in my opinion, unethical, too. These were later conclusions, but I was a young man and I wanted to make an impression and get on in the company. I tried to gain the respect and appreciation of this man, my boss.

The more I tried, the more disrespect I seemed to get from him. And the worse he treated me, the more hurt I became. I began to doubt my own competence, my own ability. It was a very trying time for someone who wanted to progress and I felt thwarted at every turn. My self-esteem was being chipped away."

By Frederick Pearce
Photo by BL 1961 @ flickr
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