20 February 2009

Today's American Politics: 20 February 2009

Today's American Politics: 20 February 2009: "For years I used to write my Democratic Senators and Congressmen, placing my proverbial stiletto heels deep into their backs to get them to stand up with some spine against the Bush administration. Well, it must have worked.

After a few years of polite letters giving what arguments to use, other people must have sensed me on that collective soul level (or I sensed them) and joined me doing the same thing. Finally, there was a tsunami wave of people pushing on their representatives for standing up to bring about change. It took eight long hard years but finally...

Today I read, on Politico, that the tables are turned when it comes to getting out the message, staying on top of the message and generalized political aggression. The Democrats of the Obama White House have a lot of spine it turns out!"

For the rest of the story go to above link - thank you!

By Denny Lyon
Photo by d u y q u @ flickr
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