18 February 2009

Poem: Weeping Freedom

Photo of Star jasmine vine flower reaching toward the sun


When what later proved to be a devastating hurricane was on its way I went about the house to secure it. Also, did some pruning of bushes that would not be able to withstand the 100 mph winds and pounding rain that came. This spreading jasmine vine on a small trellis was most at risk for damage as it was extremely top heavy, no longer able to stake it, and wildly spread out in its growth.

As any writer doing something mundane my mind wandered to pondering life in general and it rested upon the inner struggle of people to grow. Some reach out wisely and others do not. The rest is obvious.

Poem by Denny Lyon
Photo by Lida Rose @ flickr


Weeping Freedom

By Denny Lyon

Heavy driving bursting rains pummel earthward

Upon this gnarled faithfully speeding rakish growth

Dripping droplets, glistening loosed milky flowers

Rushing rivulets descend from rooftops gushing

Adventurous licentious fingers flung wildly outward

Exploring, unrestrained, touching tenacious stopping wall

Barricade me not, loose my stifling trellis binds

Straining against established caged immurement

Freedom beckons loudly near the waving reddest rose

Yearning fast forward, quickly flee, furious need escape

Near breaking, endures weary weathered woody trellis

Accommodating, curious, bending to wait, upon what?

Writhing greenery mass, twisted, small world labyrinth

Enduring, steadfast thick roots, questing crawling center vine

Established, secure, infinite branches, winging sweetest fragrance

Curling corkscrew new tips salacious, paradox to double mind

Persisting planted foundation, safe, secure, familiarity

Abiding growth eager, libertine conflicted, dilemma eternity

Pruning twisted gnarled old thoughts, settled creaking branches

Discarding crammed spaces, thrown wide open air, fresh, renew

Shearing recent growth undisciplined, messy trimmed now neat

Paring down the old, good basic branches reduced, searing severe

Denuded exposed bare beauty, my life, begin renewal, again and again

Rejuvenate, renovate, refresh, yes, revive this lovely jasmine vine, mine!

Denny Lyon
Copyright 18 Feb 2009
All Rights Reserved
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