26 February 2009

The Interesting Man

Last summer I experienced an unusual and intense romance. That man was so charming and magnetic that he had me at Hello! It isn't what you consider to be the usual romance - or is it?

Read on and enjoy a good chuckle. I know that intense moment stayed with me for so long that I had to write about that shameless pick-up artist. I met him at an outdoor food market one early August summer morning.


The Interesting Man
By Denny Lyon
Copyright August 2008

An interesting man I one day met
Downtown he lazily strolled near
The Saturday morning food market

He was long retired, happily
He took his well muscled relaxing ease
He eyed all the prettiest ladies

His attention rested first upon me
Other women took notice of us
Magnetized, a horde drifted our way

Loving his chilled demeanor we remarked
A steady gaze he wore like a fine silk suit
Ethan was his name

Ethan loved women
And women loved Ethan

Many men, riveting their gaze,
Feeling threatened and
Too curious, turned our way,
"Who is this guy causing such a stir?"

As the crowd swelled more
In a tight and intimate embrace
I cupped my hand to his throat

Ethan shifted his weight obligingly
He leaned into me, eagerly greeting my hand
"He's a leaner," offered his embarrassed young friend

Again, and again, I stroked Ethan ever so gently
A woman in the growing crowd loudly declared,
Certainly for All too loudly well heard,

"So, you say he's retired from the race track?
And a Red Brindle Greyhound breed at that?!"

Ethan grinned.
That famous Greyhound smiling grin.

Ethan loved women
And women,


We loved Ethan.



Note: Please consider adopting a former racetrack greyhound. They are generally retired at ages 2 - 5 years old, affectionate and good with older children. Some are high energy and some are mellow temperaments. They tend not to suffer from hip dysplasia like other tall breeds and live long, up to 14 years. You never know, you might get lucky and find another confident chilled guy like Ethan!

Photo by liza31337 @ flickr
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