06 February 2009

10 Different Types Of Poetry

10 Different Types Of Poetry: "So should you be a poet or even wanting to be a poet - then these different ways of writing poetry will help you to recoqnise, digest and even extrapolate your own words so that you can match your wordsmithing with a given but identifiable style or method - no matter what your personal and particular choice of style is.
But possibly you haven't found your own style yet? So maybe you could write your words in your own inimitable fashion and then somehow massage them to meet one of the more easily (or not so easily!) recoqnised literary styles as outlined below."

This article contains a more detailed overview of various types of poetry as a way to help the aspiring writer of poetry new outlets of expression. New forms of poetry are invented constantly. Take a look at what has been invented to date!

Learning various forms, even if you don't use them regularly or ever again, will help stretch your mind to think in new ways. It will also help enlarge your creativity. Poets are all for greater creativity! So, take a look at what this writer has to say and spend a little time enjoying yourself after taking in this how-to of poetry.

By ajcor
Photo by kevindooley @ flickr
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