08 January 2010

Those Funny Memories poem - Libations Friday! 8 Jan 2010


From Denny: OK, so I still owe you, my sweetheart readers, two poems from December when I got so harried I didn't have the time to sit still long enough to collect my thoughts and record them. I'm always amused at myself when I sit down to fulfill one thing and end up with something else entirely. Guess the older thoughts will have to take a number, stand in line, while this newer poem takes the stage. :)

It is odd how the mind works, never knowing what will rise to the surface sometimes, no matter how organized and methodical you fancy yourself to be. I've often wondered what triggers old memories, especially the ones that make us chuckle. Since I had so many sad memories from childhood, it is easy for me to easily find the happier ones that make me grin since they are fewer in number. This cute one is what I share with you today.


Those Funny Memories

Amusing how those long ago memories pop up
At the most inopportune moments in Life
While I’m in the shower, cooking a dinner,
Cleaning the house, feeding the hungry cats: again.

I grin at the past, long gone, never to return, I think.
I remember funny conversations that still make me laugh.
My funny friends who did not realize they were amusing.
As a tomboy most of my friends were men, vainly they tried to dominate.

I liked playing baseball as much as playing with dolls,
Though I drew architecturally simple plans for their house,
After seeing blueprints from my grandfather when he built a boat.
I can do this, I thought, or close to it; they are just dolls, good first try.

I played neighborhood baseball with my brother and his friends.
They tried to get me to throw under-handed and with a softball.
I complained it was too large for my hands, pointing at the smaller hard ball.
My 12 year old brother declared, “Real baseballs are not for girls! You can’t do it!”

My brother’s best friend lobbied for me to try. He threw the smaller baseball my way.
Tossing it in my hands, I smiled, “Finally, there is a sport that fits my small hands!”
Mike, the friend, played catcher, pointed to where I should aim as he catcher crouched.
I threw an over-hand pitch like I’d seen the professional athletes do, pummeling his mitt.

Mike fell over; this is what an eight year old can do – and a girl?
“Not bad, Shrimp! Do it again; they think its beginner’s luck.”
So, I did - and he braced himself better this time, catching it perfectly.
He taught me how to throw a variety of pitches, declaring me the neighborhood pitcher.

Turns out I was a lousy batter; the bat felt too heavy and cumbersome for my size.
My brother sneered as he was better at batting than me, but he was a slow runner.
Guess who got designated the runner for the slow guys: me, the small kid.
Years later my husband related to me that the best pitchers in history were lousy batters.

It’s odd how the mundane tasks of going through my day can call up old memories.
My male friends in high school often complained I would not date them.
Repeatedly, they inquired as to why I liked them, spent time with them,
Helped them with homework, but did not take them seriously at all.

As we were graduating in a few weeks I decided to finally tell them the truth.
I was long accepted by them; they were so comfortable they talked about everything.
No one said high school boys were smart or wise, in any generation.
Their exuberance for story-telling and passion for living fast preceded their mouths.

“Let me see, guys. You tell me about your dates every weekend. You brag.
“You recount your sexual conquests, real or imagined. (I was a BS detector even then.)
“And you expect me to be happy to become one of your stories?”
So, they became one of my stories all these years later as a silly memory…

Denny Lyon
Copyright 6 January 2010
All Rights Reserved

Glittery texts by bigoo.ws

*** In case you missed last week's poem: New Years Reflection: Wine Glass Abyss, Libations Friday! 1 Jan 2010 - in spite of all the negatives around us in our daily life these things shall soon pass. Keep your balance and strive to better the world!

*** THANKS for visiting and have a great weekend!

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Memories photo by kevindooley @ flickr

Doll house photo by gailf548 @ flickr

Old baseballs photo by mistycabal @ flickr

Baseball and mitt by The Suss-Man {Mike} @ flickr

The bat I should have had as a kid photo by GIUSY DISASTER www-myspace.com/velenoesbrusiercrew @ flickr

Paper circle cutout photo by Marshall Astor - Food Pornographer @ flickr

Keeping it "old school" (Bike) photo by ben pollard @ flickr
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