01 January 2010

New Years Reflection: Wine Glass Abyss, Libations Friday! 1 Jan 2010

*** In spite of all the negatives going on around us in our daily life these things shall soon pass. Keep your balance and strive to better the world!

From Denny: Seems like this particular New Years celebration deserved a review of the entire decade! :) Early in the evening we walked out into the dark to see a clear sky with a huge full moon hanging overhead to greet us, a blue moon this month and the first in twenty years on a New Years Eve. Several neighbors shot off fireworks to the delight of their children (and us). :) An hour later the sky clouded up when we returned for a second look at that rare Blue Moon. Everything in Life is about timing...

New Year’s Reflection: Wine Glass Abyss

An hour before midnight we lounge on the couch, distracted,
Tuning the best channels to watch New Year’s Eve fireworks,
Bursting with exuberance into the sky, circling the world.
That exciting intangible something, witnessing global celebrations.

Swirling the clear liquid, sparkling in the firelight, a white sip caresses.
I wondered to myself about what this New Year and decade will bring.
Looking down into the glass my thoughts tumbled into its clear abyss
The wine tasted faintly musky, bringing visions of a frosted autumn vineyard.

New Year’s Eve celebration, the wine, the winter season invite inner reverie,
When we frail humans wonder about our futures, remembering fondly the good.
The chaotic “00’s” of this dawning century tested our patience and hope.
We move through Time, gingerly, toe-dipping the cooling waters.

Finally, it’s the last day of the calendar year. As glad we are it is dying,
We are also apprehensive the unknown is beginning, taking us anywhere.
The decade blasted off with the “Y2K” scare that soon fizzled, over-hyped.
The millennium prophets trumpeted rising global flood waters, swallowing countries.

An American President stole not one but two Presidential elections and local too.
Arriving at the end of the decade still no justice for dismissed votes, voices denied.
Islamic terrorists attacked Christian America and roused the sleeping tiger to act.
America attacked Islamic countries, occupied them and remains there too many years.

The world economy crashed when the financial house of cards could no longer stand.
Unregulated greed, the driving force of capitalism, destroyed wealth and the middle class.
The greedy chase, wanting it all, desire never fulfilled, impacting lives all around.
The greedy and the wise lock in a whirling uncertain dance to gain power and authority.

A decade of dizzying violence and careening human greed hatched backlash karma.
Worldwide the people are restless, angry, resentful, worried, wondering and hungry.
There are those who preach it is the “End Times” of humanity, just look at the signs.
Yet the signs, the greed, the economic chaos and war exist in every century, just read.

The ancient cultures of the Mayan, the Egyptians and others warn the end comes in 2012.
Already the profit makers hype the fear in movies so people will buy, buy, buy to not die.
They offer answers that are general, only interpretations of what might come to be.
Clearly what may come we cannot stop as our world changes around us, we must adapt.

For the moment the voices of balance drown in the screaming minds everywhere.
The Peace makers stand ready, schooled in unorthodox solutions for a troubled world.

The angels hold their breath, praying success as humanity struggles toward maturity.
Humanity’s rising high fever is soon to break when suddenly awakening to all is well,

Everywhere, everyone aligns perfectly like the Universe, Peace in the new era.

Denny Lyon
Copyright 31 December 2009
All Rights Reserved

*** THANKS for stopping by for a visit! Have a safe and Happy New Year!

*** Photo Credits ***

Sparkling dove of peace photo by Temari 09 @ flickr

White wine glass photo by gingibar @ flickr

Traveling train photo by gingibar @ flickr

Dove and monk peace photo by alicepopkorn @ flickr

White dove of peace by oddsock @ flickr

Tied hands of Peace photo by * Honest * @ flickr

Eye closeup photo by drummp2 @ flickr

Next dimension by Eddi 07 (OFF) @ flickr

Book of shadows photo by Ralph Buckley @ flickr
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