22 January 2010

I Wait, poem for Haiti - Libations Friday 22 Jan 2010

*** Told from the point of view of an earthquake survivor buried underneath the rubble awaiting rescue. Dedicated to the people of the Haiti earthquake disaster of 12 Jan 2010.

From Denny: It took a few days to finish writing this poem, absorbing all the horrific news of what the people in Haiti are suffering right now. I'm still trying to get a message to my musician cousin in Jacmel on the other side of the country, who is reported to have survived the earthquake.

Almost two weeks after the earthquake devastated the country of Haiti, relief efforts are just now able to begin fanning out across the country because the roads are getting cleared or alternate routes devised. With all the media attention primarily focused upon the three million densely populated area of Port-au-Prince families like mine are still waiting news of how the people of Jacmel and other remote areas have been faring. Time will tell. I continue praying for all of Haiti to give them strength as they move through this difficult journey.

Whenever something this noteworthy happens I like to mark it in my memory with a poem. I've been tossing around various ideas in my head of how to write about something so huge in human devastation and this emotionally intense. I kept coming back to those wonderful survivor stories I posted on Dennys Global Politics as I compiled several stories into one post.

That's what I do on that news blog, compile and update ongoing stories so we don't get disjointed bits and pieces of news but a comprehensive continuity that gives us a conclusion. There is nothing worse than being left out in the cold with the nagging question of "well, what happened to them? what happened after the first news story?" The media has a recurring bad habit of moving on to the next sensational story without tying up loose ends on current stories.

I'll even update with additional news clips or information on an older post - within a week's time - so don't pay too much attention to the date of the original post. The alternative to what I'm building on that blog is streaming news coverage that tends to overwhelm. Lots of pertinent information gets lost in that style of news coverage chaos.

After listening to the news videos of many Haitians as they were pulled from the rubble I thought what would be better than to tell the story from their lone and personal point of view as they awaited rescue?

I Wait

Too many thoughts to think
Too many places to visit
Too many hugs to give
Too many paths to walk
I’m not giving up

This is my Life

Too many thoughts to think

Blinking dust from my eyes
I wait in the dark
Trying to see, just shadows
Listening for sounds
I hear moans, my own
It’s so small here

Too many places to visit

Rescue will come, I know it
I will choose a new place to live
Imagining cool breezes on my face
Seeing happy people laughing
Everywhere I look there is Joy
It’s more peaceful here now.

Too many hugs to give

My eyes close, looking for friends
I hear them breathing nearby, alive
Some I know are gone from this world
My neighbors, my friends, my family
I hug them in my heart of thoughts
Wondering if anyone remembers I’m here

Too many paths to walk

I strive to stay awake for sleep may claim me
My legs ache to stretch and walk out
My head rests on a broken concrete pillow
My body is dusty, scratched and bruised
My heart beats strong, my spirit burns bright
I long to crawl out of this safe small place
I think I hear a voice outside my refuge

I’m not giving up

Prayers fly to Heaven in my every moment
I don’t know if it’s day or night here
My faith remains constant; I am loved
I send prayers of help to others
While I wait for mine I know will come
The voices come closer and I answer them

This is my Life

I see hands poking through the scattered rubble
They are dusty, scrambling fast to reach me
A light is shined into my place to see me
I smile back at them, quietly thanking God
The saws buzz over my head to free me
They quickly pull me out; I breathe the sweetest air

My Life is renewed

I am alive for a reason

Denny Lyon
Copyright 25 January 2010
All Rights Reserved

*** This poem listed in "She Writes" Community member Bridget Chumbley's Peace Blog Carnival for Haiti's recovery.

*** Please donate to the charity of your choice to help the people in Haiti. There are links on the sidebar at the top of this page. Thank you for your generosity - even $5 makes you a hero and helps alleviate suffering. Like President Clinton said, "Every donation counts; no amount is too small."

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Photo Credits

*** Photos by United Nations Development Programme @ flickr and USAID_IMAGES @ flickr

Demolished downtown capitol city Por-au-Prince, Haiti after earthquake 12 Jan 2010

Collapsed United Nations Headquarters in Haiti
United Nations workers rescue injured person

Recovering belongings from ruined house

People walking past collapsed buildings with survivors waiting rescue and dead in the streets

Ordinary people digging out survivors with their bare hands from Montana Hotel

Peering into small space finding survivor

Woman pulled alive from the rubble

Glad to be alive
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