02 January 2010

Editorial Cartoons 2 Jan 2010

From Denny: And the baby New Year is now two days old... Well, we all knew the high flying terrorist from Nigeria would grab the headlines and the pens of the editorial cartoonists. Everywhere across America people are angry at the systemic failure of all the so-called decisions and precautions put in place by the Bush-Cheney administration that caused catastrophic failure.

Like a lot of us have tried to tell the Obama crowd since before the moment he stepped into the Oval Office: do more than a review of all the agencies; root out the flunkies who were just political appointees that have absolutely no clue as how to carry out their jobs. People's lives depend upon other people taking their jobs seriously.

Love them or hate them here are the cartoonists' opinions of the week...

Terrorism in the sky on Christmas Day:

I like this one. They are displaying a good old-fashioned can of Cajun Whoop-Ass! :) Very popular around here...

The never-ending mess of the health care reform bill:

Iran still pops up in the news whenever they abuse and kill the opposition protestors:

New Year comments on the decade that was and might be ahead:

A short video of a few of the New Years fireworks worldwide:

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

It's the big ugly fact that if government does not spend the economy will crash down upon our ears. As it is, the banks are still not lending much for car loans and demanding 20% down for houses, creating a shaky economy:

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