07 January 2010

Ending Child Labor in South Asia Rug Factories

From Denny: A century ago in America we finally outlawed child labor in the our factories, dangerous places for adults, worse for children. Besides, you just don't work a growing child for 18 hours. It's bad enough when you do it to an adult but a child cannot sustain that kind of stress to their health.

I like to promote the folks worldwide who try to do good in the world and move society along in its development. Good Weave is a non-profit organization that is working hard to rescue child labor from the rug factories of South Asia. What this group is offering is both comprehensive and astounding!

They send out inspectors to the rug factories to make sure no one under the age of 14 is working there. If an underage child is found they rescue them by reuniting them with their families or are given shelter. Good Weave also provides health care if needed and then begin to educate them, including small stipends as incentive to continue their sponsored education until age eighteen.

What's better is that Western rug importers are beginning to join the movement as their customers are demanding proof no child labor was used in the making of their rugs. In 1994, Good Weave rescued over a million children. This past year they rescued 250,000.

Clearly, the Western ban on child labor in rug factories, coupled with Good Weave's efforts to unite importers has helped promote awareness to the point it has garnered positive improvement. The message is simple to the factory owners: If you want access to Western markets, lose the child labor work force - forever. Take a look:

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