23 January 2010

Editorial Cartoons This Week - 23 Jan 2010

From Denny: This week's news was dominated by the terrible disaster still unfolding in Haiti and the editorial cartoons fell in line trying to bring awareness to the plight of Haiti.

Of course, cartoonists - and most of the entire world - is critical of mean-spirited people like Pat Robertson who claims to be a compassionate minister of God and Rush Limbaugh for being so caustic about the Haitian disaster. Frankly, I think both of them, and most of the conservative commentators - and people in general who are so cruel - are really in dire need of medications for their emotional illness. Short of that, they would probably be accurately diagnosed as suffering from acute dementia.

Steroid abuse was in the news with athletes finally ponying up to the Truth or Dare Bar and admitting what everyone else in the world already knew: they abused drugs while playing professional sports. Gee, "do ya think?" their unusual muscular size gave them away? Sometimes, you wonder if these guys ever looked in the mirror. But then, when a person gets off course in life they are usually "the last to know."

Glassy-eyed followers of Sarah Palin are thrilled to know they can get more of her now because she has joined the cast of Fox News as an "expert political commentator." Considering the amount of provable lies found in her latest book I guess she qualifies as much as the next guy for the job.

The huge NBC gaffe of messing with the late night shows' schedules and pitting Leno and O'Brien against each other has finally settled down into a healthy buy-out for O'Brien to "shut up and please go away quietly with the $45 million we poured into your bank account." O'Brien, the injured party, definitely came out on top of the latest ratings now.

The Democrats screwed up what should have been a "slam dunk" win of replacing Ted Kennedy's famous seat in Massachusetts. The cartoons were so good on that one that I just had to do a separate post and parked it over at Dennys Funny Quotes for your enjoyment, go here.

Haiti earthquake:

This really sums up what the American people have been thinking about all week:

Google pulling out of China because of censorship issues with the government and the internet:

Athletes and the ongoing issue of steroid abuse - "juicing" - to gain unfair advantage over other athletes who do not, whether in professional sports or the Olympics:

Sarah Palin on Skewed News (Fox). Guess they thought she might bring up their ratings out of the cellar as Americans increasingly pull away from Liar News:

Wall Street still continues to trumpet their billion dollar earnings every quarter as they continue to fee and squeeze the American people:

On the terrorism front...

The late night show "crisis"

*** ALSO: For the latest editorial cartoons on the Dems losing the Senate seat in Massachusetts - Its Official: Folks Bring Back Thiefing Republicans, Hand Senate Seat to Them

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