14 September 2010

Funny Video: Stewart Mocks Gov. Jan Brewer Fiasco, Wonders Why Dems Are Lame

One of the best political critics around, Jon Stewart wonders why the Democrats just can't seem to win against inept lying Republicans.

From Denny: Jon Stewart analyzes why the Democrats just can't seem to get their message out above all the Republican gaffes. Case in point? Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's brain freeze for 28 seconds during a debate where she couldn't remember what she had memorized. Why not? Probably because she didn't believe any of it in the first place.

Stewart talks about the Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections where there is much speculation the Dems will get trounced in the House. The truth is the polls are only for generic Dems vs. generic Republicans. The reality is it could tip either way. The Dems need to do a huge national push to get out their voters. They should be pushing on them to get out for the primaries.

Here in Louisiana we have 3 million eligible voters. Guess how many came out for the Senate primary? Less than 100,000 - and it was split three ways among Dems, Independents and Republicans. Well, at least I voted in Charlie Melancon - a great guy for the Dems. After all, who needs Senator Whore House Vitter?

Stewart is as puzzled as I am that the national party is doing so little to get out their message and get out their voters for ALL elections. Yet the Republicans continue to capture voter attention with lies, gaffes and horrific political strategies like racially insensitive legislation and false statements about decapitated heads in the Arizona desert. Yet Republicans continue to run as much as 20 points ahead of reasonable sane Democratic opponents. "What's wrong with that picture?"

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