24 September 2010

King Abdullah II Talks Huge Middle East Gamble for Sept 30

King Abdullah II talks strategy for successful Middle East Peace with Jon Stewart.

From Denny:  Typically, Jon Stewart is known for his biting political humor, mocking hypocrisy in government.  Today Stewart turned to the serious and  interviewed King Abdullah II of Jordan, a Muslim  political moderate, on the Middle East peace situation.

It took an American Jewish comedian to do an in-depth interview on an internationally explosive situation that our American news shows just don't do.  All we receive are sound bites and skimmed headlines along with outrageous rhetoric from the opposition political terrorists - all because it makes for great ratings.  This interview is refreshing for those of us with intelligence who want to hear it directly from the source's mouth, instead of interpreted for us by agenda driven media.

September 30th is an important mark date as that is when the moratorium ends and Israel can possibly set off war in the Middle East -  if it chooses to be contentious and controversial - and resume building again in the Palestinian settlements.  What King Abdullah II is advocating is to solve this issue now between Israel and Palestine.  He says the alternative is that war will break out by November or December once the extremists whip up their rhetoric. Then the whole place will go up in flames.

He also made a good point that America is already involved and invested heavily in the region, causing the moderate voices like his to be drowned out by the terrorist extremists.  Yet another reason to end our two-front wars in Iraq and Afghanistan if only to prevent Muslim moderates from becoming a dying breed..

What the king said that was most telling is how this two-nation squabble can erupt into an international religious war.  His strategy is to resolve the issue now.  Why?  Well, for one thing, the stakes are high in this gamble for Peace because if Israel and Palestine choose the path to Peace then 57 Muslim nations are willing to normalize relations with Israel.

What that will accomplish is to break up the power of the international terrorist organizations, reducing them just to localized domestic levels.  That will also kick out Iran from ascending to broker power in the region.  All the surrounding Muslim nations are terrified of radicalized Iran and are eager to make peace with Israel, if for no other reason than to short circuit Iran's plans for power.

So, tell me, why aren't the White House and mainstream media selling this Peace process so clearly as Jon Stewart and Kind Abdullah II of Jordan?

Take a look and watch how King Abdullah II lays out his strategy.  This leader is one class act.  The second video clip is from an extended interview that is web only.

King Abdullah II of Jordan
King Abdullah II of Jordan believes Iran has taken away the moderate voice by hijacking the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

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King Abdullah II of Jordan
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Exclusive - King Abdullah II of Jordan Extended Interview
In this complete, unedited interview, King Abdullah II of Jordan wants to see Christians, Jews and Muslims run Jerusalem as a symbol of hope.

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Exclusive - King Abdullah II of Jordan Extended Interview
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