15 September 2010

Good Move, Mr. Prez: Safeguarding The Gulf on Oil Production

Today the President took new measures to watch dog the oil and gas industry, increasing the safety of our environment.

Photo of oil and gas explosion in Gulf of Mexico on 2 Sept 2010

New order issued to oil and gas industry to clean up the Gulf

From Denny: Today the President informed the oil and gas companies it was time to get their proverbial act together. They have been ordered to plug those non-producing wells to the tune of about 3,500. The administration also told the energy companies to immediately dismantle almost 650 production platforms that are not in use in the Gulf of Mexico.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said, "This should make energy production in the Gulf safer and prevent potentially catastrophic leaks at wells that, in some cases, have been abandoned for decades." (*** See: 27, 000 Aging Abandoned Leaking Oil Wells in Gulf of Mexico)

Apparently, administration officials like Michael Bromwich, Director of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, are claiming "This initiative was under consideration long before the Deepwater Horizon explosion."

BP Deepwater Horizon blown out well to be permanently sealed this week

Retired Admiral Thad Allen, who has been dealing with the double crosses of BP and the headaches of trying to stem the oil disaster in the Gulf, said today he "expects the blown-out well to be permanently sealed and declared dead by Sunday." This sealing went five weeks past the due date, yet more broken promises and constant lying from BP.

27,000 abandoned and aging wells in Gulf of Mexico need attention

This new order enforcing federal regulations is a great start to handling the aging oil and gas well problems lying in wait to blow up in the Gulf of Mexico. There are over 27,000 abandoned oil and gas wells that were only temporarily sealed, many as long as 60 years ago. They are all potential disasters waiting to happen. These wells have been ignored for decades. No federal or energy officials have been checking any of these wells for leaks. This practiced neglect has been going on for decades. There are an additional 1,200 oil rigs and platforms that are sitting idle too.

What the oil and gas industry is expected to do to comply with federal regs

The new administration order issued today requires operators basically "to fish or cut bait." They are told to plug those wells if they have been inactive for the past five years. What about those production platforms and pipelines? "Use it or lose it" is the Obama motto. If those platforms and pipelines are not being deployed for exploration or production - even if they are under an active lease - then they must be decommissioned.

Idle Iron constant problem in oil and gas industry around the world

Active lease? Well, that's how Big Business has been tying up our energy. They putter around for decades after they buy a lease, not allowing anyone else to try that area either. It's what the energy industry terms "idle iron." Idle iron are wells, platforms and pipelines that are no longer used for exploration or production and basically rendered as useless.

To energy industry: use it or lose it, says Obama

The Obama administration is enforcing federal regulations requiring those idle structures to be decommissioned within one year of the lease's expiration date. The energy companies must plug wells and dismantle - and remove - platform structures and pipelines. For decades the energy industry has behaved notoriously like slobs for leaving behind an aging mess, an iron junk yard, after they have extracted their profits. 27,000 deteriorating wells in the small Gulf of Mexico is one serious eye sore.

Energy companies howl in protest to clean up their messy rooms

Of course, the oil and gas companies howl in protest on a regular basis about dismantling those platforms. They claim those aging old technology platforms are still valuable because the company might come back "some day." They think they might be able to use those old platforms to help support active wells nearby. In a word: these guys are lazy and they are cheap. They also don't care about the environment or the health of the people in the region.

In defense of the Obama decision, Bromwich says, "As infrastructure continues to age, the risk of damage increases. That risk increases substantially during storm season." Prez Obama wants to address those hazards that could arise during the increasingly violent storm season in the Gulf.

Even a permanently sealed well requires constant monitoring for leaks

Remember: even a permanently plugged well that is depleted can repressurize and explode, spilling oil back into the Gulf of Mexico. It's time our federal officials get serious about regular monitoring of what is happening on our ocean floor, especially when it involves the energy industry. The energy industry has a poor record of safeguarding America's security and environment. The government also shares that abysmal report card. This is a good first step toward watching over our environment and the future of America's energy.

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