19 March 2010

The 11 Choices poem - Libations Friday 19 Mar 2010

*** The 11 choices we can make in life...

From Denny: Have you ever thought about all the kinds of choices in life - and our responses? It seems like I'm forever observing human nature and the stages of my own self-development, mostly with amusement at our foibles as we struggle to develop into something greater than we are now. It's always fun to look back over my shoulder and chuckle at some of my own choices. Sometimes, years later I realized I was lucky and stumbled upon wisdom, making good decisions that affected me for decades. Do you recognize yourself anywhere along the decision road?

By the way, the number eleven is considered the number of separation in the area of numerology. It tends to be a dividing point of decision.

The 11 Choices

We can sleep walk through Life, trying to find our way in the fog

We can chain our inner power captive by a string so small it only has power in our mind

We can fall asleep on the precipice, teetering on the edge of decision

We can delay decisions, playing craps with the future

We can open our hearts and minds to new ways of living

We can choose wisdom and walk away from toxic people

We can take a chance no matter how frightened we are to do it

We can look up and break out of ourselves to discover more

We can walk above it all, balancing the past into the future

We can wait patiently, enjoying the perfect sunrise and sunset

We can jump into Life and be the spicy pepper that warms their hearts

Denny Lyon
Copyright 19 Mar 2010
All Rights Reserved

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