16 March 2010

2 Months Later: Haiti Still Suffers Yet Has Faith

From Denny: At this point in Haiti's recovery the world has donated over $2.5 billion to aid them during their transition back to a normal life. People still stand in long lines for food and water and they have been living this lifestyle for two months now.

There are over 502,000 people living in over 322 tent city camps. The United Nations has hired over 35,000 Haitians to clean up the rubble left by the earthquake. According to seismologists, Port-au-Prince is in danger of yet another 7.0 magnitude earthquake in the future.

My cousin, Jeanne Pocius, the trumpeter and music teacher, still remains in Haiti. She lives in a tent city sponsored by the Episcopalian Church where she has raised up a small music school for the children in the area. She plans to return to America briefly to raise donations for Haiti in May.

You really have to admire the Haitian people. With all this adversity and devastation lately they still cling to their faith and pour out goodwill toward others.

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