09 February 2010

Song Honoring Who Dat Nation Super Bowl Winners: New Orleans Saints

From Denny: Getting ready for the Cheeky Quote Day I'm having so much fun with pulling together the post of funny Mardi Gras quotes and the rocking good song videos for the Saints that I thought I'd share a day early! :)

This was quite emotional for the Saints and their fans. Here in Baton Rouge we still remember when the Saints' Super Dome was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina so they came here to LSU (Louisiana State University) to play on our football field for several games. People all over the country and around the world gave of their hearts and out of their wallets to help New Orleans and other parts of the Gulf Coast get back up on their feet. Thank you so much for all your prayers, love, kindness and hard work with us!

The regular people of New Orleans, many without homes or jobs after the hurricane, still scraped together enough money to buy tickets to the Saints' games so that the owner would not take the team from the city. Talk about dedication. The NFL Commissioner refused to allow owner Benson to take the team away from the city while it was on its face in the mud morally.

This Super Bowl win was really a win for all those people of New Orleans and surrounding areas who worked so hard, pulled together and rebuilt their lives. This is a wonderful Saints Tribute video clips of the team in action and the fans as the 2009 football season opened on their journey to the Super Bowl. Take a look:

New Orleans Saints WHO DAT!

One of several Saints songs. What I really like about this song is that it explains the New Orleans culture and images to someone living outside America (and there are a lot of international readers for this blog, thank you). This is good but wait until tomorrow's post, have I got some swamp land to sell you! :) Fabulous rocking Saints songs...

Bring 'Em to the Dome - New Orleans Saints Anthem

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