14 February 2010

Funny Faceoff with VPs Biden and Valdamort Cheney

From Denny: Former VP Cheney, aka the Despicable Valdamort, cannot seem to keep his mouth shut for the love of spreading lies. He's like a snake oil salesman that won't take "No!" for an answer.

When current VP Biden heard Cheney was hitting the Sunday talk show circuit he ponied up to the bar and said, "I'm in for the fun!" Biden ate Cheney's lunch. Just when the Democrats need a reason to get motivated good ol' Cheney gives them one. Hmmm... maybe Cheney is useful after all. Whatever works to light a fire under the Dems to get things done!

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*** For the excerpted transcript and Cheney's comments that Biden is reacting to here, go to the longer version of the post over at Dennys Global Politics, go here.

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