19 February 2010

The Mystics Arrive poem - Libations Friday 19 Feb 2010

*** Who are the true mystics in this generation? How does a person develop into a mystic?

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Recently, on The Healing Waters blog roll, I went and read some of their posts and was struck by how many who are promoting spirituality are also talking about their fears. So, I started thinking about where these various individuals were in their spiritual journeys, the cacophony of bizarre selling of spirituality on the web in general and this poem sprang to life this morning!

The Mystics Arrive

Where are all the mystics?
Do they live in this generation?
Are they developing as poets?

Free to comment upon life,
Free to explore their thoughts,
Free to grow unnoticed.

Where are the mystics?
Who are they in this generation?
Are they developing as businesses?

Mystics selling Law of Attraction.
Mystics selling e-books.
Mystics selling how-to books.

One good spiritual experience,
A flash of sudden awareness
They rush out selling prosperity.

One good spiritual experience
Where they intimately connected
To the Divine in an energy rush.

One good spiritual experience
Where now they are the experts
Spreading the news as they want it.

Do they realize they cheat themselves?
Do they realize they cheat others?
Do they know more than one experience?

The way of the mystic journeys slow.
It cannot be measured in one e-book.
It cannot be sold as Heaven on earth.

The life of the mystic whispers simple.
The eyes of the mystic behold the unseen.
The heart of the mystic absorbs the Divine.

The responsibility of the mystic is to
Live the Divine every breathing moment,
Unspoken, yet calling others to touch it too.

Where are the mystics?
They are everywhere around us,
Developing without knowing.

One day they cross the threshold,
Maturing into a simple person
Suddenly deeply aware of Life’s intent.

Then they go about correcting,
Reinventing themselves into better,
Revealing themselves as experts no more.

When the student is finally ready
The best teacher truly does appear.
The mystic unveils like a loving bride.

When it took knowing the ways of war,
Living in the darkest places of life,
Only then can we become a peacemaker.

So it is with the path of becoming a mystic.
First, we live in the foolish places of life,
Seeking profit and glory of self, the little one.

When one day all of humanity awakens
A collective awareness descends, joining One.
Connecting to the Divine is simple and lasting.

Denny Lyon
Copyright 19 Feb 2010
All Rights Reserved

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