21 February 2010

Canadas Olympic Wildlife Sanctuary Grouse Mountain

From Denny: This wildlife refuge in Canada is so cool! Check out The Hiberation Hotel for the grizzly bears. GrouseMountain.com has a bear cam to watch the hibernating bears.

Bear cam

Wildlife refuge's videos of the animals

The wolves are beautiful. As a kid, our family had a retired police dog that was half German Shepherd and half wolf. She was an awesome animal and attached herself to me. Talk about feel safe wherever we went.

They also care for falcons, eagles and hawks. Check out the closeup of the tame bald eagle. This wildlife refuge bills themselves as "the window to the wilderness."

Aggie, the tame polar bear, works in movies. The brown bear weighs 1600 hundred pounds. Can you imagine working as a movie animal handler with this gigantic guy? This little video clip is just stuffed with views of wonderful animals.

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