29 April 2009

Celebrate: 200th Post Today!



From Denny: OK, I'm all over this anniversay thing! :) Me and my imaginary psych counsellor have been working on my "anniversary issues..." I am rather pleased with myself I actually noticed I'd finally arrived at the 200th post. (big pat on my own back, darned if I know the net shorthand for that one!)

THANKS, everyone, for subscribing, reading, following on Blogger, visiting for a while or just passing through on your way exploring the blogosphere, gracing The Social Poets with your presence! This blog has morphed into much more than I anticipated - and more fun to be had by all!

Somehow, just parking my poetry here seemed too limiting as I do see a lot of humor in life. So, the decision was made to sprinkle this blog with plenty of humor along with the serious business of discussing social issues. It's all about balance: some serious, some light-hearted, some teaching.

Fellow serious and concerned poets all the way down from ancient history to the present have written about social issues to improve society. Because of this writing tradition, the name was born from a type of poetry grouping that spans the ages: The Social Poets.

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