15 September 2009

Video: Pushing Back Against Big Business Banks Outrageous Practices

From Denny: I've been wondering how long it was going to take someone to start a Pushback Revolution against Big Business Banks. Let's not forget that Britain's Royal Bank of Scotland took money from TWO governments and has joined in with the USA banks to jack up good credit customers' rates. The new strategy after Congress passed anemic credit card legislation this past year is to fee everyone to death while taking government bailout monies to pad their profit bottom line.

This lady is frustrated with Bank of America. Too many of America's banks got in mindset lockstep to gouge the American consumer. They think they will actually retain these customers and have plenty of business for the future! I doubt it. Why? Because just recently the Obama economic guys came out to say they expected American debt to go down by about $4 billion. Guess what, it went down by about $20 billion. What a shock.

It's obvious America is getting off credit cards as fast as they can pay off debt. You won't see a return to business as usual for probably generations, as long as someone is alive to remember how the middle class is getting royally screwed in the wallet by big business and banks.

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