22 September 2009

Video: Making A Difference - Ablevision TV Crew Are Societys Challenged

From Denny: This is such a cool idea! They are teaching the challenged among us in Boston how to produce their own TV shows and then air the results. Everyone wants to feel useful and productive in society. Finally, some smart people have figured out how to make this medium more accessible on the production end to those who might be challenged in some manner. Just watch the face of the lady living with bipolar depression; her face just lights up at how much she has grown creating this programming. Bravo! Kudos go to Boston!

The program is called Ablevision on Boston cable and is aired in several states once a month. They are helping various challenged folks, even the mentally challenged, to discover and nurture their talents. And to think I had to pay my university four years to learn broadcast journalism. My first love was always public television long before there was any real funding available for good programming, so to see programs like this finally develop is close to my heart! This is the kind of thing journalism should be about: providing a service in the community that benefits all.

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