14 September 2009

Roundup of Sunday Funnies - Obama Voted Best President by Kids, Political Cartoons

From Denny: Nothing like the late night show commentaries on American culture, government, politics, parenting, health care or religion!

I like the way the Republicans keep talking about taxes this past week. They keep hammering away at wanting to give us all tax breaks. Uh, excuse me, but have you noticed how many millions of people are out of jobs because you voted in the fools that created the legislation that authorized to send those jobs overseas? Without jobs, no tax break in the world, no matter how attractive, is going to help when people don't have proper jobs to pay their bills.

While I'm at it, without a public option on health care we all can kiss our health goodbye should a contagious rapid fire disease hit this nation like what happened earlier in the century with the flu and polio. Why? If people who cannot afford to go to a doctor for the proper medicine end up trying to tough it out without medical care, they end up spreading that disease by going to work or school or church - where you are. Do not think you can remain immune just because you have health care. Preventive health care is truly the answer to a healthy population. Keep people well nourished with proper maintenance health care and their immune systems stay healthy. Everyone wins and we all get to stay safe.

The latest screamers out front of the White House this week were bemoaning rising costs. If they bothered to take personal responsibility for voting in the corrupt politicans who lined their pockets off the backs of our soldiers - called war profiteering - these costs could have been controlled.

Of course, they lied about more. They lied, playing fast and loose with the attendance record, boasting to the news outlets that over 1.5 million people attended - try closer to ten thousand or so. If you are willing to lie about something that small, why should I trust you on the big issues? C'mon.

Republican followers are not known for reading history or studying it. They do read a lot of distorted, confused, rambling propaganda none of which is true. They do copy and paste a lot of weirdness from white supremacist sites and call it a political argument.

It's a common thread throughout - real not imagined - history from ancient times that one thing always occurs when a country like ours experiences several years of an intractable war: the Treasury lowers and eventually empties, causing the government to tax the people.

So, I say to these screamers: "If you want to lower your taxes, then quit starting and then prolonging wars. Wars cost trillions of dollars and damage too many lives to make most of them a wise idea.

Learn to be at Peace with your fellow man or woman and quit with all the temper-tantrum screaming, most especially if you have the audacity to call yourself a Christian. Trust me; God is not amused at your caustic attitude and bullying behavior. You look and act like fools and that's why no one takes you seriously.

Hate always destroys a country; Love binds it together to build a solid future. No one said you had to agree or like everything about everyone in order to Love. Loving is about decency, lowering the decibal of disagreements, civility, unselfishness, patience, kindness, tolerance and real respect.

In short, learn how to share. You remember that concept; you were taught that in kindergarten. Get back to basics; start over again and build some quality relationships instead of blowing up everything and everyone around you."

The Tonight Show

Conan O'Brien:
President Obama plans to make a televised speech to the nation's students during school hours. Many Republicans are planning to keep their kids home from school in protest. As a result, those kids have voted Obama "Best President Ever."

The Tonight Show

Conan O'Brien:
Republican Congressman Joe Wilson's apologized for calling President Obama a liar. Obama accepted Wilson's apology and then invited him to appear before a death panel.

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon:
Things are getting tough for President Obama. Everyday, he slips a couple of points in the approval. He's now at 45 percent, mainly because of this health care thing. You know things are bad. Today, Bo refused to go to the vet if he had to use the public option.

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel:
Unemployment is at a 26-year high of 9.7 percent. Crazy. There are 15 million unemployed people in America, and Michael Vick isn't one of them.

Late Show

Dave Letterman:
In 2012, the Republicans are now talking about the presidential ticket: Dick Cheney and running as vice president, Sarah Palin. Huh? Talk about your dream ticket, ladies and gentlemen. Oh buddy, the comedy recession is over.

*** Write yourSenators and House Representatives today and demand public option health care. While you are at it, give President Obama a sympathetic email of support! He probably could use some kindness about now.

*** Write President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, go here.

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