12 September 2009

Political Cartoons for week of 11 September 2009

From Denny: Oh, boy, it's Saturday, my favorite day of the week because of cartoons! :) There are some wild ones for this week too. People are fussing about health care from all different directions.

More weird news is the news that there are actually parents in this nation who think it's horrible the President gave a speech to their children but thought nothing of listening to the Bush propaganda speeches that lied on a regular basis. That was fine to fill their children's minds with lies, deception and zero morals. Makes me wonder how many of that crowd have membership in the KKK and other white supremacist groups...

What did Obama talk about? Being responsible, stay in school, be good to your parents and other standard bearers of morality. Wow, since when did kindness, decency and personal responsibility become a negative and so controversial? Sounds like former President Bill Clinton is right: "Today the Republicans are in La-La Land!" Or, as comedian Bill Maher said, "The Democrats have moved to the right of left and the Republicans have moved into the mental hospital."

While it looks like the cartoonist was trying to depict President Obama as a liar and master of distortion, you could see this image from another angle: his face has been stepped on so many times by the herd of Republican hooves that his face is bent out of shape, something I'm sure they delight in taking recognition for "achieving." Such is the way of the mean-spirited and bullies.

For those outside America, this South Carolina representative from the House, Joe Wilson, decided it was cool to heckle the President as he was addressing Congress on national TV and called him a liar. His own Republican leadership jumped down his throat and demanded he apologize for such bad form. Now he's claiming he apologized yet is backing off on his apology and now raising money from other like-minded racist bullies across the country.

The good news is that his Democratic challenger raised MORE money off of his stupid act. Wilson looks weak going into the election.

Moving right along to those Americans who feel threatened by the promotion of good character and moral values in our children:

Bush 41 did it to Clinton and left Clinton with a war in Somalia to bog down his new administration. Now Bush 43 and Cheney have done the same to Obama. Hmmmm.... does anyone see the obvious connection? Republicans start intractable wars and Democrats have to finish them.

Then the Republicans get to brand the Democrats as cowards and quitters all the while at the same time complaining about deficit spending. What a bunch of hypocrites! Anyone with a brain knows that war always consumes a large portion of the country's budget and is a constant cash flow drain.

The question is: How long before the people who vote for lies finally catch on they have been lied to and quit going to war on the drop of one insult? Six years of war is long enough. If you can't get the job done, then it's time to leave that country to their own cultural mess. If the country does little or nothing other than take your money and allow your soldiers to get killed instead of their own, then we don't need to be "there," whatever country or war it is.

About Afghanistan, a war that increasingly Americans have had enough and want to pull out:

And for the 9/11 anniversary:

On a much lighter note, commenting on the new resurgence of popularity of The Beatles music, 40 years later for a new generation. In the 1970's it was quite controversial about playing music backwards as many moralists decided it was "Satanic" among other things because they believed there were subliminal messages recorded under the music:

And it was considered so "not cool" for John Lennon to try and bring in Yoko Ono, the then girl friend, as part of The Beatles to sing with them. Apparently, the fans were not amused nor receptive to her for some reason: maybe she couldn't sing on key?

Well, "that's all, folks" for the American culture "review" in cartoons this week! :) Have a great weekend!
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