25 September 2009

Libations Friday! 25 September 2009

From Denny: Lately, the news coverage has been about so much misfortune for humanity worldwide. Mother Nature - and we - are out of balance. So goes humanity, so goes the natural world...

There are raging floods, raging fires, loss of jobs and fortunes, divorces, so much negativity. These are the times and the cycle of life tests. Some folks have never been tested so harshly and are worrying how long they can figuratively tread water. That's when it's a good idea to get back to basics and do a refocus upon inner spirituality no matter what the religion of choice.

When blogging about the 50 inches of rain that fell on Atlanta, a place I had lived for many years, I was reminded of shock, sorrow and sadness visited upon so many. When you first get tested like this it is difficult to adjust. Adapt you must as that is the only way to balance, through the gauntlet of change.

While thinking about all the excessive rain and flooding, I was also reminded of the Native American thoughts about rain. They divide rain into Mother Rains and Father Rains. The Mother Rains are soft and nurturing, helping growth and beginning a life anew. The Father Rains are destructive, destroying all that was built because it was shown to be upon a false foundation or it was time to tear it down to build something better.

We all love the nurturing easy soft rains but are in fear of the harsh loud severe storms. The Native Americans lived in Nature, observed Nature and learned from Nature. Today we are too removed from Nature and have forgotten so many of our ancestors' wisdom about balance and harmony. This poem is to bring back our ancient memories we all own so we can live fuller happier lives.


Rain Blessings

Life encircles, waits and teaches
Gently offering Mother Rain
Nurturing, healing and growing

Life surrounds, exploits and disciplines
Harshly demanding Father Rain
Judging, crashing and destroying

The Rain of Sorrows weighs heavy
Loading our hearts’ pockets like stones
May the Sun of Love slip safely into your heart

Drying up brimming waters of gloomy sorrows
Transforming sorrow stones to nothing dust
Blown away easily in one quick strong breath

The Rain of Troubles appear unexpectedly
Cramming our minds with screaming worry rats
May the Sun of Wisdom sit down on your doorstep

Lighting your inner lantern onto a new inspiring path
Dissolving lack of harmony with one powerful thought

The Rain of Worries and Fears hover overhead stagnant
Soaking our valley of desires like a rushing flash flood

May the Sun of Understanding speak words of calm
Welcoming the rational return of wordless balance
Banishing like a wizard what lingers as unimportant

When the Rains come welcome them all in your Life
Mother Rain as nurturing, Father Rain as destroying
Purpose, understanding, growth through trial they bring

From the Rain of Sorrows we leave behind the past
From the Rain of Troubles we leave behind resentment
From the Rain of Worries and Fears we leave behind mistrust

Heal your disappointments and come back into harmony

Nurture your happiness and create your inner peace

Grow your courage to reach out beyond yourself to Love

Denny Lyon
Copyright 24 September 2009
All Rights Reserved


Photo Credits

Sunset photo by anirbanbiswas_c8 @ flickr

Lightning Photo by phatman @ flickr

Red rain photo by tourist_on_earth @ flickr

Storm clouds Photo by muha… @ flickr

Hand in water Photo by h.koppdelaney @ flickr

Into the sun path photo by James Jordan @ flickr

Clouds photo by luc.viatour @ flickr

Go with the flow Photo by muha… @ flickr

New day Photo by h.koppdelaney @ flickr

Reflection Photo by muha… @ flickr

Heart bridge Photo by h.koppdelaney @ flickr

Inner peace photo by Jeff Kubina @ flickr

Peacemaker Photo by muha... @ flickr
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