18 September 2009

Libations Friday! 18 September 2009

*** Have you ever thought about how your words affect others - even when no one says anything to you? Writers and poets often wonder if anyone is listening or reading. Think about this.

From Denny: This poem sure came out differently than when I sat down to finally write it last night. The main theme expressed is to never underestimate the power of your words, not even when spoken to only one person.

While many of us may never know the impact a poem or another writing has upon a person, don't discount it as unimportant if you do not experience commercial success. As a poet or a writer you can choose to enrich the life of one person or many.

Just don't keep your words all to yourself, hidden away, to fall asleep and die for no one to love them! For the words to live they must go out into the universe to sing to those who have the hearts to listen. Let them decide how to enjoy your song.

Words spoken, words written and words sung are meant to travel eternity carrying your message! One day they will come back home to validate you, surprise and delight too with news of their travels. It is the best any poet or writer can hope...

An Audience of One

One day a musical poet traveled into my world
He moaned about the commercialization of love
He wrote by day for work but by night for himself

He read one of my poems about two lovers loving life
Love stoked his mind, his imagination to reach for more
Private poems he hides from the unknowing public

Poets and writers blur their penned lines for pleasure
Often hiding little gems and large treasures to heart
Worrying for poetic serious writes lacking mass appeal

Poets write to help us see the world through new eyes
Writers write to inform and pack us with knowledge
All the while unconsciously driven to write for us more

Poets pen what they feel, riveted powerfully upon the moment
Writers script what they see, transforming us through words
Readers choose words to cherish or discard, our hearts skip a beat

There are poets and writers who chase after glory and fame
Left disappointed and denied, even when success fans bright
Leaving behind their audience of one, gem of great price

Write again for the audience of one, a life now enriched
Write again to see the tears, the sighs, the laugh of just one
The whole world is circled in the eternal audience of one

An audience of one, loving you, the gem of great price

Denny Lyon
Copyright 17 September 2009
All Rights Reserved

To see the love poem where the musical poet commented, Opposites in Love: Night and Day, go here.

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