09 July 2009

Video: Iranian Protestors March on 10th anniversary

From Denny: The now underground Iranian protestor movement surfaced today for a street demonstration and rally to mark the 10th anniversary of their 1999 student uprising, a huge threat then as now to the Islamic regime. The protestors used this anniversary as an excuse to resume their protests.

This was not a huge gathering - about 3,000 people compared to the 25,000 for the election protest - but large enough to cause some consternation from the irritated government promising harsh and ruthless retaliation. Of course the psychopathic Basij militia was out in full force like Hitler's brutal SS during WWII, savagely beating those who dared to protest at "an illegal rally." The government still doesn't understand just how determined this movement truly is; now they've been driven underground, well, all bets are off. We can expect anything from here on out.

What was the 1999 student uprising about? It was 200 students and they demonstrated against the closing of a reform newspaper, Salaam, which supported President Mohammed Khatami, a moderate. Anniversaries are big in this part of the world because embedded in them is strongly attached emotion and, therefore, reverance. That reverance brings to the table a dominating psychological factor against the enemy.

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