09 July 2009

Video: All the Truth About Chocolate and Antioxidants

From Denny: When The Social Poets became too much of the Wild Wild West I started dividing my interests into many blogs so people wouldn't feel quite so dizzy when they landed here. As my first blog, this has always been a "Musings" kind of blog but was also developing a lot of competing themes, so I began a pack of other blogs to handle the information overload for readers. The scope is narrowed on the other blogs, themed, for easier reading - and so you have the comfort of knowing what to expect when you visit.

When people are stressed we do like to develop healthy routines - like reading favorite sites and blogs - as a distraction to help mediate our mood from work or whatever. To give you an idea of my food blogs this is a video I'm running over at my two food blogs, Romancing The Chocolate and Comfort Food From Louisiana - even over at my health blog The Healing Waters.

This is a great little video chock full of useful information about how the decisions you make to get the most out of that chocolate benefit factor. She gives you percentages of chocolate to sugar for best antioxidant value and tells you how much (really how little) of a percentage of your favorite candy bar has of real chocolate. Also, beware of how chocolate is processed because you can completely lose your antioxidant value!

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