01 October 2010

Funny Video: Stewart Questions Character of Congress

Republicans in Congress lack compassion for anyone but Big Money, Big Business, Big Oil and Big Insurance. Then it's all crying and whining about wanting to continue the Bush tax cuts - which, by the way, are 30 percent of our current deficit. Yeah, deficit hawks, you don't ever mention that "factoid" to your Republican and Independent voters, now do you?

Congress still can't get it's act together on the controversial "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" repeal of military policy about gays in the military. Everyone knows gays serve in the military, with the same success or failure rates as anyone else yet these politicians can't give gays their basic civil rights.

Even worse on the compassion meter are those politicians who claim to be such great "patriots." They loudly trumpeted how brave the first responders were on New York City's 9/11 yet today, nine years later when they are still suffering horrific injuries and illnesses, Republicans refuse to pass much needed health care legislation to help them. So much for "the land of the brave."

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