05 May 2009

Video: How Saudis Are Rehabilitating Former Guantanamo Prisioners

"David Martin talks about his upcoming 60 Minutes report on Saudi Arabia's efforts to rehabilitate former Guantanamo prisoners and former jihadists."

From Denny:
This is something everyone in America has been wondering about in the back of their minds. Just how do we clean up the Bush and Cheney years' HUGE global messes?

The Republicans held far too many political prisoners like some brutal cavalier dictatorship third-world government. Now most of those men are, well, for lack of a better word: insane. Waterboarded 185 times on one guy alone and still no usable information should tell you two things: one, that torture isn't working, and, two, that man as your prisoner has already lost his mind and isn't about to find it any time soon.

The question on everyones' minds is: What do you do with a large insane population that were driven insane first from propaganda in their own country and then by torture when captured by their enemies? Any way you look at it they are weak minds, and, therefore, also unstable and unpredictable in the long term.

This 60 Minutes segment begins to address that question and discuss what the Saudis are trying to do to help those men regain a sound mind.

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