03 May 2009

Does Your Poetry Come From Your Soul?

"Poetry is the doorway to the soul." - Floria

For a few months now I've been planting the majority of my favorite quotes over on yet another blog: Beautiful Illustrated Quotations. In the early weeks of The Social Poets I did a lot of art photo illustrated quotations and soon realized it required a separate blog of its own.

Quotations are what I consider the ultimate writing prompt! You can always get a good 500 to 2,000 word essay out of a really good quote, especially if said by an historical person with a great biography people will find interesting.

Hike on over to my quotes blog for a dose of creative writing inspiration for yourself! Know that blog is always available to you as a writing resource.

Photo by alicepopkorn @ flickr

Below are some useful links, especially of the cranky assistant in the publishing business explaining why 95% of your query letters get rejected when you want to publish.

The more pleasant links are fun like the poetry 4 kids and informative and descriptive about writing like the gointothestory blog from a screenwriter who now teaches at a college.

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