21 May 2009

Bee Poetry: Pollen for tea

Pollen for tea
Originally uploaded by Steve Punter

From Denny: From a friend over at flickr who travels and photographs just about anything and anyone, then offers it up for free in the Creative Commons area. This is one great guy from the UK! Check out his photos by clicking on his name under the photo; it will take you to his flickr page.

Pollen for tea

Pollen for tea
Weight for weight
she carries
more home
on her legs
than I do in my

Plastic sacks

And I do it at most
a day

fat from tesco
and some protein from Lidl

She shops
till she drops

in her gullet
and pollen
for her siblings

A worker
less than a month and
she will be gone

Uploaded by Steve Punter on 21 May 09, 11.25AM CDT.

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