28 June 2012

Will The Democrats Go Bust And Cancel Their Convention?

Mitch Daniels - Right to Work for Less
Mitch Daniels - Right to Work for Less (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

From Denny:  The Democratic Party is having some serious financial issues lately.  It's only a few months away from the national convention to declare President Obama their candidate for the second time and these guys don't even have enough money to open the doors.  That's right.  

Talk about strange.  Why would anyone hold a convention to elect the only guy running anyway?  Better yet, why pay the ridiculous amount of $36 million to hold the three day extravaganza?

Ask them how much money has been raised so far and it's anemic.  They say they have another $27 million to find somewhere though they claim they are not struggling.  That means they only possess a mere $9 million?  What's happening here?  Plenty, it seems.  It was originally scheduled to be a four day event and has now been trimmed down to three days.

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For one thing, President Obama placed a ban on the fund raising:  no corporate or lobbyist donors.  It sure gives you a window into national politics, doesn't it?  The top two national political parties are so dependent upon corporate and lobbyist donors they have lost the ability to do adequate fund raising on their own.

President Obama has done such a bad job of interacting with his own party they are not willing to part with their own campaign monies to help fund this convention.  Why should they?  He has stiff-armed them on almost every legislative battle, given away billions via weak negotiations to the Republicans, the wealthy and corporate welfare.

The convention is scheduled to be held in September in a right to work state:  North Carolina.  It is yet another faux pas with the unions.  Every one knows that right to work states are pure hell for the average worker.  In fact, so many tradesmen have left the Midwestern right to work states it has left the area with a deficit of quality workers.

It's the real reason many local businesses are crying they can't find qualified workers but need them.  Since businesses refuse to treat their workers right and pay them what they claim they will pay them, then why stick around?  That's right; in a right to work state all the employer has to do is pay you minimum wage even though he originally agrees to more.  You have no recourse when you get screwed by a greedy employer who backs up on his word.  In these states it's rare to get an employer to sign an enforceable contract.

Turns out these right to work states refuse to allow workers to collect compensation if they are hurt on the job.  Talk about outrageous.  I'll make it one better:  if injured on the job they are not allowed to sue their employer for compensation either.  People are leaving in droves because the situation is so intolerable.

Unions are furious with President Obama for taking the Democratic Convention to Charlotte, North Carolina.  All right to work states make it near impossible for unions to organize.  This is a serious sore spot with the unions yet Obama and the Democrats seem to be deaf to the obvious.  As a result, union money is pouring into Democratic coffers at a measured trickle.

What's interesting is how many Democrats are publicly announcing they are refusing to attend the convention.  That's the first I've ever heard of such a thing.  These Democrats are all from Republican-leaning states:

Sen. Jon Tester (MT)
* Sen. Claire McCaskill (MO) 
* Sen. Joe Manchin (WV)
* North Dakota Senate candidate Heidi Heitkamp 
* Reps. Mark Critz (PA)
* Rep. Kathy Hochul (NY) 
* Rep. Bill Owens (NY) 
* Rep. Nick Rahall (WV)

Too many of the super delegates in the party are not at all happy with Obama and take no interest if he gets elected to a second term.  The real question is this:  Are these the first of many defections?  Will there be more to come?

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