26 December 2009

Editorial Cartoons 26 Dec 2009

From Denny: Health care reform passed - but what did we actually get for all the effort? The Republicans demanded everything, gave nothing and none voted for the bill. It isn't until 2014 that everything is phased in like insurance companies cannot deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. So, what are people supposed to do meanwhile for the next four years? There is a lot that stinks about this bill. There will be fines for those refusing to sign up for coverage yet there is no public option cost effective competing plan to hold the line against the insurance industry.

What this is looking like is that the insurance companies have structured the next four years as a way to collect gargantuan amounts of money to pay for the folks with pre-existing conditions when the companies are forced to accept them by 2014.

Fortunately, when next Congress meets they will be merging the House and Senate bills where some magic might happen: there are those proponents who will be pushing to reinstate the public option.

Tiger Woods is still in the news as far as the cartoonists are concerned and the New Year cartoons are beginning to pop up too! :)

Health care "de" form:

The environment:

More Tiger Woods:


Iran and its nukes:



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