19 December 2009

Editorial Cartoons 19 Dec 2009

From Denny: Both the American people and the cartoonists are equally disgusted with the politicians over getting us affordable smart health care and the foolish squabbling at the climate change conference. And this is why when there is a huge global disaster it will be "every man for himself."

You sure can't count on all those other self-protective egos like China to get focused upon physical survival and their fellow humanity's as well. Then there are the developing countries insanely expecting the developed countries and America to single-handedly pay for everything for them to help with their dirty emissions. We can't pay for ourselves right now; how are we to pay for them too?

The cartoonists continue to batter away at Prez Obama's Peace Prize incongruity of being at War yet recognized for Peace. Palin, her ridiculous self, has, for now, thankfully, evaporated off the national stage.

Take a look at this week's cartoonist offerings:

Health care reform shell game because nobody knows what's in the bill from moment to moment:

Obama accepts Nobel Peace Prize and check out Palin trying to cash in on it as well:

What no one in America or the world wanted to hear from his administration "pending further review whether we will pull out of Afghanistan by 2011:

The incongruity of being a war AND a peace President:

The real prize:

The Peace Prize vs. war opinions continue:

That stinking excuse for a health care reform bill - with Senator LieberBush at the top of the smelly heap, bankrolled by insurance companies - which are about the only employers left in the state of Connecticut:

Wall Street excess continues:

Media slumming by promoting the worst in society:

Global warming so-called hoax:

The economy:

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