15 December 2009

94 Year Old Blues Legend Honey Boy Edwards Still Going Strong

From Denny: This old guy is really something. He still has a zest for Life even after all he has seen and heard - from the days of segregation - and impromptu Ku Klux Klan lynchings and other brutal killings of African-Americans in Mississippi for which no one was usually sent to prison - to being the last of his musical kind.

Honey Boy Edwards was popular in his prime in the 1920's in spite of American racism and other hardships. He went from making nickels and dimes during the Great Depression to making thousands today, playing the best stages.

He is a jovial man who has lived more than one life time. To his credit, without resentment or bitterness, he has been teaching the musicians of today, many young and white, his musical legacy before he leaves this Earth.

This segment reminds me of when my husband and I were in college and got to see a small coffee house performance at the Speakeasy here in Louisiana featuring the great 1920's lead guitarist legend, African-American Lightning Hopkins. He was in his old age but still incredible and we were some of the few of our age group who actually knew who the stellar guy was. That's why I'm so glad to see Honey Boy passing on his knowledge and his music to the next generation! May he live many more years to come! Check out this cool guy:

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