13 December 2009

Catch Up on 26 Posts, at The Social Poets and more - 13 Dec 2009

I've collected a number of these old mechanical monstrosity typewriters - aren't they beautiful?

You know you are destined to be a writer when you love the smell of ink... and that you when you were a little kid you used to write on your bedroom walls to pretty up the place because you loved the way numbers and letters looked like abstract art! - a sure sign of a budding artist and writer.

Only my mother understood as she was an artist. My father went unamused, ordering me to "live with it" as he wasn't changing the wallpaper (which was so lame and uninspiring it was the reason I "redecorated" in the first place). For anyone else who is an artist you already know my response: I was thrilled to get to keep my artwork - he never did "get it"! :)

From Denny: For my fellow readers who can only check in as time permits from your busy schedules - especially this holiday season - here's a run-down of this week's posts, your choice!

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*** For a handful of funny reads, check out: Catch Up on Posts at Dennys Funny Quotes 13 Dec 2009

*** THANKS for visiting and have a great holiday season!
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